View Full Version : Moo3 is finally Gold

24-01-2003, 23:17:07
Well, after all these years, it's finally coming. Rantz announced Moo3 went gold on the official forum and over at Poly.

Will anybody here buy it on sight and give us first impressions?

25-01-2003, 00:22:41
Darkstar said he had ordered it I think. Of course will he write a review? If not I suppose I could do it.

25-01-2003, 06:32:49
I've got it on pre-order with EBWorld/Games/Whatever it is called this week.

I will be pesterable for first 4 days/weekend type impression. After having given that, I won't feel like making a full article, of course. ;)

25-01-2003, 10:51:47
You lazy bugger. I too would buy it pronto, but I refuse to do that with an IG product. I'd like to see them release a quality product before they see more of my cash.