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24-01-2003, 13:05:45
I'm really lookin forward to this:


A new dawn in RTS gaming would seem to be imminent.

24-01-2003, 13:16:48
The lack of provinces in the stratgeic map should be interesting.

But it doenst have longbows that you can use to shoot the french - therefore it is not as good as meidival :)

The Shaker
24-01-2003, 13:26:54
I'm lookngi forward to Reading- Total War myself.
Includes new units like:- Commuter Cavalry (unstoppable once they get going, cruch anythnig in their way), Hooligan Helots(good for missile and close quarters attacks), Fred Perry Light Infantry(look aggressive, run away easily, can't hold their beer) and Special Bouncer units(have trouble identifying proper targets) .

24-01-2003, 13:29:59
I'll play as the Festival Hordes in that one I think.

The Shaker
24-01-2003, 13:33:55
not the Wokingham Tarts?

24-01-2003, 13:40:45
sounds like a sure fire smash hit

24-01-2003, 16:04:40
Yeah it could be set in a realistic present day scenario where Reading is totally submerged by flooding.

I can't believe that total War shot with the city in the background - you'd need like a GeForce 7 with Pentium 7 5600 Mhz to display that amount of 3D data on screen - I'll probably be proved wrong but you know how these games companies put up shots which end up being nothing like the final game - man that pisses me off!

24-01-2003, 16:26:01
I'm optimistic actualy, they'll make sure the computer only has to process one piece of information for every 50 times per phalanx it draws on screen etc (the same guy again and again in neat rows) Its the Total War Way.

Not long now before they pull out Total War Napoleonic or something.

24-01-2003, 16:58:11
Yeah, I noticed how all the horses in that desert town shot are all in the same pose - thought maybe someone had prepared the scene in Max and just copy/pasted a horse a load of time to make the game look impressive.