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Lazarus and the Gimp
20-01-2003, 20:01:34
Excellent issue this month. A big feature on Husker Du, and a small one on Daniel Johnston.

Provost Harrison
20-01-2003, 22:15:46
Well I'm not uncut, if that's the question ;)

29-01-2003, 21:51:29
A sad period indeed to have extra money just for cigarettes.
The most convincing argument to quit though.

30-01-2003, 12:09:03
I just downloaded Husker Du covering Eight Miles High by the Byrds. It's very good.

Lazarus and the Gimp
30-01-2003, 17:33:46
It's brilliant. The snag is that you promptly realise you need about 6 albums to accompany it.

30-01-2003, 19:53:54
I've got Candy Apple Grey and Zen Arcade. I used to be quite into bands like Husker Du, Fugazi, and Black Flag when I was at school, particularly Fugazi.

Mr. Bas
31-01-2003, 10:36:59
I agree, Husker Du are great. Haven't heard eight miles high though, I only have Candy apple grey and Everything falls apart & more, both are excellent. I want to get Zen Arcade and probably New day rising in the near future as well, but none of the shops here seem to have it, so I guess I'll have to order it.