View Full Version : So, how bad were Sonic Undermind this time?

*End Is Forever*
20-01-2003, 13:32:36
I saw Johan earlier, who commented "it was okay, but Left Side Brain were awful"... so...

20-01-2003, 13:34:29
They were great, he has no taste. :) OK that's unfair they totally aren't his kind of thing at all. Then again I don't think we are and he did think we were actually not as bad as he was expecting.

We played a lot, lot better than last time.

20-01-2003, 13:38:35

LSB were amazing! They cast a huge shadow over every other band on the evening (with all due respect to 'the sonics')

20-01-2003, 13:46:14
That was the best I've seen them. They said that they thought that they were going to have to rock really hard to follow us. Which is great!

20-01-2003, 13:48:19
i thought you guys were great, i was quite gutted you didn't get to play 100 years

20-01-2003, 13:54:13
Thanks. Yeah, we were too. Oh well! That was always a potential problem with 5 bands in 3 hours.

20-01-2003, 14:05:19
Mike, do you realise that your London gig is in a fecking internet cafe/pub? On their website they actually use the pun Hobgoblin, Forest Hill - It's Net for the feint hearted.

Last night was wicked by the way.

Scabrous Birdseed
20-01-2003, 14:45:36
They honestly weren't bad. A lot less clinically lethargic then they are on record, with some awesome nervous energy from pete and some excellent guitar stuff going on. Mike, poor lad, hid behind a speaker the whole concert but the rest of the band were cool.

Review coming up in a couple of days. Short summary- Yankee were interesting but need a bit more maturity for their ideas, Ziegler did very boring music in a marginally appealing way, Pengamok were... er... bloody awful really (but not, I think, on purpose), SUM (41?) were the best band of the night and LSB were total, utter, Emo-meets-post-grunge excrement.

Provost Harrison
20-01-2003, 18:49:30
Yes, I enjoyed nearly all of the bands there, especially Sonic Undermind and Left Side Brain. But that middle band, fuck, that guitarist would have got a better tune out of a cat's neck...

20-01-2003, 18:51:21
where did they play? :)

Provost Harrison
20-01-2003, 18:55:20
They played on the stage :D

20-01-2003, 18:57:25

Provost Harrison
20-01-2003, 19:02:05
It was in Bar Oz, in Reading, if that means anything to you ;)

20-01-2003, 19:04:10
The "bar" does!
(there are infinite possibilities)

20-01-2003, 21:52:00
It was a good gig. I wish we played more songs but that was down to the absolutely horrific Yankee 99ers dicking around in an annoying drama student way for ages and ages. All the bands had to cut their sets down.

The second band were pretty good but a wee bit dull. However, the bassist was the coolest guy. He also had the pointiest guitar/bass I have ever seen.

Pengamok definately need to work a lot harder on the music but they had good stage presence if that counts for anything. Plus the guitarist got off stage and started headbanging whilst playing. That was quite funny.

Left Side Brain were really polished professionals. They were also the best technical musicians of the evening. Unfortunately, their music just didn't engage me at all. I've seen them before but I couldn't remember the music and I assumed it was because I was smashed. I guess it is all down to personal taste. I feel horribly guilty about not liking their songs because they are really lovely guys.

21-01-2003, 09:45:11
Yeah, I think it might just be whether you like that kind of thing or not. I think they are great.