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18-01-2003, 00:50:06
I'm thinking of making a thread with all those songs that one knows and likes very much but don't know them. Then one finds the title and the band of that particular song but then he forgets.

They need to be written down so that you don't forget them later and you need to re-search for them.

Why not do it at a notepad one might ask. With my level of personal organization at the moment (read: borderline overwhelming allreaching chaos) I would lose that notepad, computer file or whatever.

I thought I just take a bit of bandwinth and just post them here, where they will not be lost for some time and I'll know where to look when I'll be finally ready to buy/download them, whatever.

Plus, interested parties can have a look at them too or if in the same mess as me (doubtful) do the same.


Song: John The Baptist. Band: The Afghan Whigs. Album: 1965

Song: Karen. Band: The Go-Betweens. Album: ?

Song: Love is on the loose tonight. Band: The Dubrovniks. Album: ?

Song: Looking for a girl with a washing machine. Band: Big Sleep. Album: Everything falls into place

Song: Demystification. Band: Lush*not only. Album: Topolino

Song: Riverside Song. Band: Earthbound. Album: Earthbound

Song: Freezer Burn. Band: Sonic Youth. Album: Confusion is Sex

Song: She don't use jelly. Band:The Flaming Lips/ Drugstore. Album: Transmissions from the satellite heart/ Injection EP

Song: Witness. Band: Screaming Trees. Album: Dust

Song: Gentleman. Band: Afghan Whigs. Album: Gentleman

Song: Mad about you. Band: Hooverphonic. Album: The Magnificent Tree

Song: Roses. Band: Deus. Album: In a bar, under the sea

Song: Summer Cannibals. Band: Patti Smith. Album: Gone Again

Song: Last Impression. Band: Make Believe. Album: Blue One

Song: Street Spirit. Band: Radiohead. Album: The Bends

Song: India. Band: Puressence. Album: Puressence - S/T

Song: It doesn't matter anymore. Band: Puressence. Album: Only Forever

Song: On Mercury. Band: Red Hot Chili Peppers. Album: By the way

Song : Get off the internet. Band: Le Tigre. Album: From the desk of Mr. Lady EP

Song: Blindfold. Band: Morcheeba. Album: Big Calm