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16-01-2003, 14:40:28
He is, for a lack of better words in my english, far out.

He was progressive beyond any current crap definition of the term was even applicable.

He is crazy and he makes brilliant music!

I only have one CD of his (forgot the title now) and everytime I listen to it I discover something new!

Lazarus and the Gimp
16-01-2003, 17:57:27
Oh man. The Drude is a legend.

He is, without a shadow of a doubt, the best performer/frontman I've ever seen live, mixing pure rock'n'roll idolatry with a killer sense of humour. His spoken-word tours are brilliant too- mixing archaeology and etymosophy with heavy drug reminiscences.

I own more records by Cope than I do by any other artist, and they're usually erratic but brilliant. I know of no-one more capable of balancing acid rock/krautrock freakouts with 3-minute killer pop songs. These are the essential abums....

"Wilder"- the second album by The Teardrop Explodes. It stiffed horribly on release, but has aged much better than "Kilimanjaro" and is better produced. It's more thoughtful and reflective- the standouts are the haunting "Tiny children", the obligatory pop gem "Passionate friend" and the utterly incredible "The Great Dominions".

"Fried"- Released at the height of Cope's drug-fuelled eccentricity when he was stark, staring mad. It's like no other album in history- the songs are made pop rushes constantly on the verge of breaking down into full-throttle freak-outs. Standouts- "Reynard the fox", an absolute killer of a track that's stuffed to the gills with hooks and mixes pseudo-mythology with autobiographical accounts of self-mutilation. "Search party"- very eerie, very disturbing. "Fried" is my favourite Cope album.

"The Skellington chronicles"- Both "Skellington" albums on one CD. They're acoustic "Acid campfire songs"- bonkers sing-along ditties. Standouts "Robert Mitchum" and "Scud-u-like".

"Peggy Suicide"- The triumphant comeback mixing ecology and anti-poll tax songs on an amazingly ambitious double album. Standouts- "Pristine" 's confession of sexual hatred. "Hanging out and hung up on the line" and "Safesurfer"- Sonic Youth-meets-Neil Young guitar heroics. "Las Vegas Basement" is just stunningly beautiful.

"Autogeddon"- The anti-car driving album which really ushered in Cope's "Drude" persona. Standouts- "Autogeddon blues", "Don't call me Mark Chapman".

"20 Mothers"- The "family" double album and his most accessible work. Standouts are the Top 20 pop sensation "Try try try", the bonkers "Wheelbarrow man" and the astonishingly moving "Cryingbabiessleeplessnights".

He has a reputation of amassing incredible musicians around him. Spiritualised have always been mooted as one of the best live bands around, but the fact is that most of Spiritualised's membership over the years have been poached from Cope.

If you are limited in what you can buy, get them in this order. "Fried", "Peggy Suicide", "20 Mothers" and "Wilder". Then pick and choose. Frankly I like all his stuff, but some of his post 1989 work is downright bizarre. I cannot reccommend him too highly. He's a genius.

His books are great too.

Resource Consumer
16-01-2003, 22:01:08
Wow - me and Laz agree about something (go on Laz - tel me when this ever happened before).

Yes, Cope is a star in the real (i.e., not early evening ITV) sense of the word.

I think I have stuff that Laz has not and he has stuff that I don't. Maybe this is because I bought a chunk of stuff in Paris when I lived there and it was just repackaging. Maybe I was just having tea in Warwickshire at the time when IT all happened.:D

Anyway. I prefer Kilimanjaro to Wilder but I love the TE stories where they tried to shoot eachother on a weekend out (well believeable) or Ian Balfe inviting them all over just to prove he'd made a mlillion before running them all off his property.

All my bands were as loopy but just not so good at it...

Copey is a star. I saw him and TE live about 6-7 times...

Lazarus and the Gimp
17-01-2003, 17:10:55
Originally posted by Resource Consumer
Wow - me and Laz agree about something (go on Laz - tel me when this ever happened before).

We're both Danielle Dax fans too. You'd be amazed.

17-01-2003, 17:37:15
The album I have is the Interpreter.

I was looking for a song I've heard and liked (the one that goes:
i know a girl who thinks of ghosts,she'll make you breakfast,she'll make you toast,she don't use butter,she don't use cheese,she don't use jelly,or any of these etc etc) and somehow I thought that a guy named Julian Cope had something to do with it.

So I went to a record shop and browsed through the CDs of Julian Cope trying to discover a hint as to in which album this song would be.

Memory is a little fuzzy as to how I ended up buying the Interpreter. Anyway, that is how I became involved with Julian Cope. :)

Thank you for the detailed advice Laz. :) It's certaintly worth to indulge further to his music.

17-01-2003, 17:46:58
That song is Vasaline by The Flaming Lips. It's been covered by quite a few bands, Drugstore being a particularly good example.

17-01-2003, 17:54:15
Originally posted by Debaser
That song is Vasaline by The Flaming Lips. It's been covered by quite a few bands, Drugstore being a particularly good example.

Yep thanks. I've found out it too searching the net.
I was very happy to have confused it with something to do with Julian Cope as it turned out.

The source of all this confusion and chaos is of course the fact that the radio station I listen to never bothers telling us what it is we're listening to. They think we're all experts maybe.