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12-01-2002, 17:39:31
Bought Wizardry 8 (for me) last night (exciting Friday nite date, eh?), my wife picked up Pool of Radiance and Icewind Dale. Icewind Dale was cheap, but the others were full price.

On the bright side, I stayed up till 4 am playing Wizardry 8 without realizing how late (read:early) it was. You know its a fun game when you can pick up the morning newspaper before you go to bed. Still made it in to work by noon, but I bet I'll collapse by early evening. :)

Currently downloading patches for Icewind Dale and Pool of Radiance at work (and working a bit, here and there).

Sirius Black
13-01-2002, 00:25:27
Good thing Wiz8 seems to be good. Have you gotten to a town yet? Is there actually conversation and stuff? ;)

There didn't seem to be much in the demo.

Icewind Dale is ok, but too much fighting for me. Rather have more conversing and puzzles.

Oh, and I've heard Pool of Radience is crap.

Greg W
13-01-2002, 22:01:32
Yeah, pretty much every review that I have seen of Pool of Radiance said it was crap, and thus I haven't even bothered getting it, which is a real biatch, cos I was looking forward to it. :cry:

Heh heh, I was up till 3.30 myself MDA, definately a cool game. :coolgrin:

There is convo Sirius, but it is of the keyword variety. As in you speak to people, and when they say certain things, it adds a keyword to your list of keywords. You can then ask people to tell you about any keyword, or you can type in stuff freeform. I'm not that keen on it, reminds me too much of Daggerfall, though to be fair, it's not that bad. Still a pain in the arse clicking through every danged option every time you talk to an NPC just in case they say something interesting.

Sirius Black
14-01-2002, 01:18:04
Call me Imran :D.

And yes, I can understand that. Used a bit of the text parser and while it is cool, like the choices of conversation in games like Baldur's Gate... so you don't ask 1000 unnecessary questions before you hit the right one!

14-01-2002, 19:57:29
Can't tell you too much about Pool of Radiance, as I have been playing Wizardry all weekend :)

I tried PoR last night, played about an hour and it went into a freeze/stutter/freeze cycle - It took about 5 minutes to get through saving my game and exiting. I then went back to Wizardry - I've gotten to the Trynnie treetop town and Arnika. Trynnies are cute, vicious little guys. There is conversation - you type in (or select from a list) a keyword then click on "talk about" or "where is?" buttons to converse. Er, what Greg said.:o
No more details though, don't want to spoil it for anyone. Combat is too slow, and often too hard, but I'm having a blast anyway.
I like that blinded or unconscious enemies seem to take extra damage when struck.:) I don't like it when it happens to my party. :(

I didn't collapse till Sunday evening, my eyes started closing of their own volition. :sleep:

Anyone know how to get a gadgeteer to combine items? I've got a dozen different gadgets, and I try using the combine button on the inventory screen - no luck. It might be a case of the right button and the wrong items, though. I like my Mk4 Go-go gadget gun. It blinds the enemy occasionally, and fires stones or darts, whatevers handy. If it only fired arrows...

15-01-2002, 00:42:19
The combine button in the inventory screen works fine. You probably didn't find the right gadgets yet (though IIRC there are two gadgets in Arnika that combine).

Gadgeteers rock btw, I didn't start with one but I've recruited an NPC gadgeteer and I like him a lot. Myles got a big kick in his butt to make room for him :)

Besides now I'm leaving Trynton... the main quest completed but many puzzles left without a solution :(

I like the way the game keeps track of your 'reputation'...
Rapax hate me, Rattkins hate me, well I guess you can't be in friendly relations with everyone but... now off to the Umpani trying to piss them off :)

Resource Consumer
15-01-2002, 00:57:06
Originally posted by Sirius Black
Call me Imran :D.

And yes, I can understand that. Used a bit of the text parser and while it is cool, like the choices of conversation in games like Baldur's Gate... so you don't ask 1000 unnecessary questions before you hit the right one!

We were deliberately avoiding quoting your name lest you might appear.:D

(Btw : welcome)

Sirius Black
15-01-2002, 01:09:42
Grrrrr... ;)

Thanks for the.. uh...welcome, RC. :D

Anyway... It seems that Wizardry seems to be a halfway decent game ;). Wonder how it is selling?

Greg W
15-01-2002, 04:01:00
OMG, it's not THAT Imran is it? :nervous:


MDA: Try combining the doll that you find in an empty house in Arnika and the Hinged box - it'll make a cool item (no, I don't have a gadgeteer, but I had a look at a walkthrough the areas that I had already completed on a site out of curiosity).

One thing that does worry me some: I have been reading up about Wiz7 (Crusaders) and how if you took your time, NPCs would often get to maps before you could. Hope they don't do that in this game, I have already spent too much time stuffing around. :(

15-01-2002, 09:34:41
I always took my time in W7 ... but then again I was never close to finishing it. :D

15-01-2002, 10:32:34
Well, it wasn't such a big deal in W7, if someone recovered a map before you did you only had to find him; it wasn't that difficult, you could always ask to any NPC: who has map xy? Where is he?

The problem is that they traveled a lot so you eventually had to chase them around the whole Guardia... :D

15-01-2002, 12:59:16
Ok, and what's the difference to W8? Why is it a big deal here?

15-01-2002, 14:35:23
Ehm... sorry, poor grammar on my part... :o
It isn't a big deal in W8 either since AFAIK there aren't time constraints at all.

15-01-2002, 14:41:43
Good to hear that. From Greg's post I got the impression that it was actually important to be faster than your opponents. But if it's like in W7 then it's ok.

15-01-2002, 14:44:54
Hmm. Back to Arnika for a house to house search, then. I can't live without a jack in the box.

Managed to combine two vines into a rope yesterday, so I'm learning.

15-01-2002, 14:49:09
That's impressive.

Oh, you mean in the game? Nevermind. :D

Sirius Black
15-01-2002, 18:13:08
OMG, it's not THAT Imran is it?


Anyway, I'd like to know are the areas of Wizardy 8 any different really than the monastary levels (that were in the demo), and if so, how?

Greg W
15-01-2002, 21:45:54
Heh, good to see you Imran. :beer:

Well, not having played the demo, and only having played through the first two areas (the Monastery and Arnika), so far it's all pretty much the same sort of stuff, other than the fact that the town is just that, a town, and outdoors are, well, outdoors. But I expect that might change some a bit later on as I start trekking through Forests and Mountains.

It was cool seeing the, well, without giving too much away, new monsters in Arnika though. And I am slowly getting used to the tech/magic dichotomy.

As to the time constraints, I was just worried that they might be in this game, I really didn't know if they were or not. Good to hear they're not though. :)

15-01-2002, 22:57:46
Sorry, but I was just taking a short cut through the Games forum and what did I see? I see that S.B = Imran.
Welcome old timer (not to be confused with OldWarrior-42+2).

BTW, what ever happened to that rascal Froxje (sp) the Maniac. Has he been murdered yet by his thousands of enemies?

Gotta go now and post some spam. Adios muchachos.

Sirius Black
16-01-2002, 18:29:59
Hi jsor... jsoren... j... aw fuck it ;). (I can spell your name if I try ;))

Anyway, I haven't talked to Fjorxc in quite a while. I don't think he's been on ICQ... for that matter, neither have I. *shrug*

Ah... spam... good stuff it is!


Greg, thanks for the update. The demo covered the lower monastry level, and I did like it. But I didn't like it enough to spend $50 (US) on it ;).

16-01-2002, 19:13:41
Hey! I was wondering who that was with the Sirius Black name!

God, we almost have the whole IIIS back together other than YYYH.

16-01-2002, 19:37:54
Actually MikeH, YYYH did post here once IIRC.

Not to worry, you can just call me 'j.'

16-01-2002, 19:39:22
Once doesn't even really count.

16-01-2002, 19:51:32
You start counting at two then??

16-01-2002, 20:22:29

16-01-2002, 21:24:18
the gadgeteer is cool once you figure him out

have you seen the lava lamp spell animation? Very cool lights in the sky! Now I need some dumb bugs to try it on. I'm on my way back to the monastery to try to get into that locked room. I have the key and some idea what's in there, so it should be worth the trip. I tried to get back earlier, but there was a CROWD of mages and those short lizardmen in the way. Before I could run away, there were some water elementals as well.

Greg W
16-01-2002, 22:03:32
Yeah, I went back to the monastery after I finished up in Arnika, very much worth the trip. :)

Didn't have anything in the way though, unless you mean in the room itself - just two floating head things in there that managed to paralyse most of my party - still took em down tho.

Interestingly I was playing Dark Age of Camelot last night, and installed Wiz 7 Gold on my old Pentium PC. Discovered by accident that when creating a character, if you hit <Page Up> numerous times, your stat & skill points to be allocated will also go up. If I ever get around to playing it again, I am going to put my map skills up to 90 or so, as I found that a complete pain in the arse last time I played it.

16-01-2002, 23:25:47
Lava lamp? Is that some sort of gadgeteer item?

I've been as north as the Umpani Camp (that trynnie ranger is cute isn't she? :)) and as south as the Swamp but I've found only the gadgets for:
Duct Tape
Forcefield Generator
Jack in the Box
Lightning Rod
Magic Mirror

I want that damned lava lamp! :mad:

Sirius Black
17-01-2002, 01:02:15
Originally posted by MikeH
Hey! I was wondering who that was with the Sirius Black name!

God, we almost have the whole IIIS back together other than YYYH.

Eh, he's a turd now... playing his 'geopolitical simulation'. Does that sound dorky? Yeah? 'Cause it is!

Anyway, the IIIS lives again and all that jazz! NIM!

17-01-2002, 05:45:11
How could you be a gadgeteer without Duct Tape? They should start with that!

17-01-2002, 12:40:18
I have the duct tape.

It's the lava lamp I can't find...

17-01-2002, 13:53:47
Lava Lamp Hint: What do you find inside the globe of a lava lamp?

It has limited utility as far as I can tell, but it makes a nice streaky globe of light in the sky.

Haven't found a Force Field Generator, I have a sheet of chrome that would make a nice mirror, I suspect, even tried combining it with the ship porthole I found to make a mirror or shield, chips and electrodes that could be components of a generator...

the Monastery weaponry is pretty useful against those horned berserker devils, but the first patrol I ran into came along with three widomakers that eventually paralyzed my whole party, which was promptly annihilated. I was doing well until the spiders got in range.

Darkstar - duct tape is available in the nearest city with a shop, so it IS one of the first useful things a gadgeteer can use, besides his omnigun (level 92 skill and counting!). Guess the designers agreed with you. If only they had Richard Dean Anderson do the voice acting for the gadgeteer.:D

Greg W
17-01-2002, 20:20:59
One thing that I am beginning to find a little frustrating is the length of combat, and the fact that having "cleared" an area won't make it "safe". Last night for instance, I played for about 4 hours. In that time, I made my way back from the Monastery to Arnika, explored a few bits that I hadn't explored before (just the jail and the bank), then decided it was time to head to Trynton (or whatever it is called). So, I headed off down the road, found the rat guy, went back and did the bank "quest", and made it back to a little past where I found him. The thing was, with all the combat, and having to refight my way through areas that had been "cleared", that's all I accomplished in 4 hours. This was the first time it has been quite that bad, but it was annoying.

Also, scaling encounters to the party skill, rather than the "level" of the area. Nice idea, but it does mean that you are constantly fighting monsters that can, and will, kick your arse constantly. I have lost track of the number of times that retreating into a narrow gully has been the only way to keep my party alive as a horde of monsters threatens to overwhelm me. In most older games, you'd know if an area was too easy or hard for you by the "level" of the encounters. I get the feeling that here, there's no way to get ahead of the curve, you'll always be fighting really tough monsters, and always needing to back into little gullies to survive. Sleep (especially with a bard) and Web help tremendously, but they're not enough, too many monsters resist.

One thing that I found hilarious though is that when I did the bank "quest", the guards joined in and helped me. :lol:

Fortunately, despite all this, it is very fun to play, and I am starting to get some good weapons and decent armour for my characters. My Lord is starting to hold his own in combat again now that he has a good primary hand weapon, my Ranger now has a bow skill very close to 70 (at level 9 no less), and most of my other combat skills are getting to the 40's.

Starting to fight the odd mage now, which is fun, though the fact they can cast spells on me while they're out of range of my spells is somewhat annoying.

17-01-2002, 20:23:13
How is operation 'Archives' proceeding, Greg? :)

Greg W
17-01-2002, 21:58:41
Getting there, should be happening soonish, perhaps today. Oh, crap, left it at home, have to be next week. :bash:

Fjorxc the Maniac
17-01-2002, 23:29:39
*poof in the distance*


*a large, metallic pod falls from the sky and lands on Holographic Brother Greg, who is knocked unconscious and promptly disappears. The door hisses open and Fjorxc stumbles out.*

Wow. I'm back! It's just like alpha.owo all over again, but with better construction quality!

*begins tossing cases of beer into nearby dumpsters and seeds sidewalk with portable ancient boreholes*

Sirius Black
17-01-2002, 23:42:22
*slaps Fjorxc with a large trout*

Stop that mumbo jumbo and start living in the present, fool!

18-01-2002, 00:24:17
Lava Lamp Hint: What do you find inside the globe of a lava lamp?
I suppose the glowing gloo is somewhat needed but I haven't found anything that combine with it so far. Oh, well, thanks for the tip anyway, I'll search the area better.

Besides, I discovered that my ranger can combine potions... a wannabe alchemist?? ;)

18-01-2002, 04:42:09
[jsorense lifts his head out of the dumpster wondering where the cases of Coors Light had come from. He looks once, shakes his head and looks again and mumbles]

Hey, space dude, have you seen a stray executive battle desk with my name on it by any chance?

BTW, welcome. I hope you can spend some time here.

18-01-2002, 10:38:54
Just lean on the side of the dumpster.

18-01-2002, 16:12:24
I get the impression that the POSSIBLE monsters you encounter is scaled to your level, but I can and do encounter weak monsters in small numbers (leafhoppers?!) on the Anrika-Trynton road. I also encounter hordes of uber bandits and bats with mage backup on the same road.

Just rememberedthe name of the lava lamp spell - hypnotic lure.

18-01-2002, 17:38:12
I've never heard of this game! someone give me a link.

18-01-2002, 17:42:39

18-01-2002, 19:27:40
also www.wizardry8.com

Sirius Black
18-01-2002, 22:19:11
MDA, are you trying to jack the threadjack? NEVER!

NIM! J, find that desk yet? How long has it been.. .the dumpster isn't that big!

Greg W
20-01-2002, 21:38:15
So many dumpsters, so little time. ;)

Ahem, back on topic. :D

Over the weekend I completed Trynton and am ready to head into the swamp. Ran back to Arnika twice (for some of the special armour/weapons :)), and twice encountered the Uber bandits backed by mages. At one stage I was fighting (pardon if I get the names wrong):
7 Shrieking bats (same level as me)
9 ? bats (2 levels below me)
6 Higardi Bandits (1 level above me)
5 Higardi Bandits (2 or 3 levels below me)
2 Acolytes of some sort (1 level above me)
2 Fire elementals sumoned by said priests (way below me, but jeesus, they hit like a rock - 88 in one shot, killed my thief outright, and he was at the back of the party)

I ended up with 3 characters dead, my priest had no spell points left in water (stamina) or divinity (healing), and my mage had cast about every spell he had. If it wasn't for the fact that the bats got to me first and I could unload fire- and ice- balls on the massed enemies, and that my Bard could use his horn (no puns please :D) to send the Acolytes insane so they didn't cast fireballs which would have quickly finished my mage off, I would have been a goner. Fun battle, but damned hard. :D

I liked the tree city, but I am sure that I read something about a Trinnie ranger in the tree? Either it wasn't in Trynton, or I missed it somehow.

Game must be fun though, as I have been skipping Dark Age of Camelot to play it. :eek:

20-01-2002, 22:25:22
Wow, huge combat!
Can I ask you what level your characters are?
Mine are around lvl 11/12 and I have never encountered Acolytes which summon Fire Elementals. (88 damage in a single shot OMG! :eek: )
Actually the only spellcasters I've encountered so far were some wraiths in the graveyard and in Lower Marten's Bluff...

I have traveled along the road from Trynton->Arnika->Umpani city thrice and generally cream every monster I encounter quite easily. I find lots of plants (acidic vines and crimson poppies), bats (mostly twilight ones), piercer modai and occasionally higardi highwaymen but nothing that a freeze flesh and a terror spells can't handle.

Btw, I tend to avoid fights whenever possible (even flee sometimes) and camp only when necessary to avoid too much respawning.

AFAIK in Trynton you can recruit only a trynnie gadgeteer. The trynnie ranger is in the Umpani base camp.

I have found a lot of NPC you can recruit though, I start thinking there is one NPC for every possible character class.

Greg W
21-01-2002, 02:51:57
I think all of my characters are level 10, except perhaps for my NPCs who may be only 9. I tend to fight everything, thus I suppose I have levelled a lot more, just more slowly (in terms of plot development) than you.

I must admit that I sort of brought it on myself. I saw the masses of Higardi's and decided to try and skirt them. Unfortunately that brought me into range of the bats (who I couldn't outrun), and when they caught me, the Higardi appeared as well.

And the Fire Elementals - you're telling me. Level 5 Elemental, 240 odd hit points, and creamed my thief in one shot (he has 70 odd hit points). Fortunately they never hit anyone again for that much, I thinkt he best was like 35 or so, but still...

Must admit that I also have ignored Terror to date, as I prefer to kill them to them fleeing. May have to look into it tho... :D

22-01-2002, 13:45:06
Operation 'Archives' proceeding fine, Greg? ;)

22-01-2002, 14:14:43
if you're unconscious or paralyzed, you seem to get slammed for LOTS of extra damage, works both ways though :)

I'm levels 12/13 (the trynnie ranger is 10th, I dumped the trynnie gadgeteer when I found her, and doing quite well with her blunderbuss)

I haven't encountered mages in some time on the Arnika-Trynton road - mostly weed/juggernaut combinations, which are bad enough. Juggernauts take some killing and can cream spellcasters when they get you surrounded.

There are Vampire bats and Bat vampires :confused: in the unexplored caves at the Umpani camp. They drain HP, and draining is EXPENSIVE to heal.

Can't seem to find what I need to fix the training module on Mt. Gigas. I'm headed back to the T'rang base with a flag. The innkeep in Arnika had a few interesting things to say about my working for the T'rang and Umpani at the same time :)

Lots of items in my inventory I haven't found a use for. I'm going to eventually head back to the trails north of the swamp to see if I can't handle those psionic natives any better. They whipped me good at levels 10/11, but now I have magic screen AND divine/mental shield.