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13-01-2003, 11:30:36
This film certainly explains alot about America, beyond that- hneh. Actually it was a good film, I just didn't really feel sympathy for the characters, Bills character was particularly strong and well acted. The part where the Oirish get off the boat- signed up- then straight back on the Troop transport was sad (nowhere as sad as what the slaves musta gone thru though) and the start of the film was truely hard core (marching from the warren of poverty all tooled up to the steady menacing beat of immanent violence)

That curly haired lass who'sa fighter kinda turned me on (she's so wild and dangerous!) and I did believe Leonardo as a skinny scraggy bearded Oirish immigrant trying ta do what he got ta do to get by.

Fight scenes nowhere as good as Braveheart.

I happened to be wearing my NY baseball cap to the film by coincidence, and afterwards this embarresed me, shoulda worn my Fubu instead.

13-01-2003, 12:16:09
funny you started a thread on that, I was about to

I loved it, it was as said in the Guardian 'a flawed masterpiece', really epic in scope. I loved the undertext (the flawed melting pot, the frictions of the building of a nation), I absolutely loved Daniel (what a fucking actor!).

Some points were a bit of a let down but overall I had a blast. My girlfriend hated it however.

13-01-2003, 13:54:47
Those pillbox hats were cool, a real 'I'm Da Man/Come an 'Ave a Go if you Think You're Hard Enough/ In Ya Face/ My Hat Represents My Alpha Manliness' approach to headware. I wonder now where that Uncle Sam character comes from, coz he looks like Bill.

13-01-2003, 13:58:27
More of a Hardnut with violent tendancies then I thought.