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Resource Consumer
12-01-2003, 18:34:13
I got this new music centre with a three CD swapper and randomiser etc and have a load of Stranglers stuff on it at the moment. I admit to a bit of a soft spot for them as they used to practice in a hall in our village the day before my first band did (I was very young then) and we used to find all sorts of interesting things there...

..also one of my mates' mum was accosted down Farncombe High Street (such as it is) by JJ Burnel who presented her with a tablecloth and was asked to "make me a fucking shirt out of this, bitch".:D

I admit their early lyrics were horribly mysoginistic but I really loved those charging baselines.

I'm curious, those of you that have heard of them, what do you think of them?

Lazarus and the Gimp
12-01-2003, 19:09:33
Exactly the same here. My overwhelming contempt for them and everything they represented has to contend with the fact that they tended to turn out really great songs. "Golden Brown" is an outright classic, as is "Peaches".

Resource Consumer
12-01-2003, 19:24:24
Let us not forget "Hanging Around" (one of the first covers I ever did) and "School Mam"

21-01-2003, 21:43:06
Their music really confuses me. I'm never sure whether it's punk, or not. Saw them at Guilford Festival last year and they were very good.

22-01-2003, 10:01:43
Golden Brown is my favorite song. Peaches is pretty good.

Sadly the rest of their stuff sounds like crap pub rock band music in comparison.