View Full Version : J.E.W. live on MTV2

11-01-2002, 11:05:15
Anyone wee it last night.

not too bad, but I had expected more from them live.
SG Guitarist was a little static and could have done more backing vocals.

11-01-2002, 11:06:57
I didn't see it unfortunately but I'm sure it'll be repeated. MTV2 is a bit like that.

*End Is Forever*
11-01-2002, 18:11:25
Oh, they repeated it? It was on last Friday... I've got it on tape Mike, I can bring it down next month if they don't repeat it again.

It was quite good... but Jim Adkins appeared to be the only one putting any effort in; the bassist was practically static, same with the guitarist as you said.

Only six songs was disappointing, but that's MTV's fault, not the bands... also how it kept cutting to the crowd in an annoying way.

The songs they showed were a little predictable... but again, not really the band's fault. I'd have liked to have heard at least one more song from Clarity, and something a little more emo from Bleed American, probably instead of Get It Faster which is one of the weaker tracks on Bleed American.

*End Is Forever*
11-01-2002, 19:41:15
Not that it overly concerns me, I'm going to see them for real a week today. :p