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06-01-2003, 09:50:13
...containing the Datsuns and the Eighties Matchbox B-Line disaster albums, thoughts to follow...

06-01-2003, 09:57:59
Cool... much more interested in the EMB-LD album than The Datsuns though.

06-01-2003, 13:23:54
Eighties Matchobox B-Line disaster
Horse of the Dog

Well this album has achieved a certain amount of notoriety based on that fact that is amazingly short: 10 tracks, total length circa 25 minutes.
Anyone who has seen the video for the Psychosis Safari single will find themselves in familiar territory on the rest of the album - hot rods, weird shit and guitar noise. EMBLD are like the deformed bastard child of the Jon Spencer's Blues Explosion and the banjo-duelling, man-raping Deliverance rednecks.
As you might expect from the length of the album, each track is short, fast and like a chinese meal, the minute it's gone you want another. Arguably one or two of the songs could have benefited from an extension of a minute or two. Generally they start out like an incestuous fuck and end like the results of an LSD experiment in a mental ward. This is adrenaline filled msuic of the purest kind.
The standout tracks are still the singles 'Celebrate your mother' and 'psychosis safari', but of the brief listens i've had so far, the best of the rest include 'Whack of shit' which i really didn't want to stop, 'morning has broken' which has a great catchy chorus and could be potentially be a future single, and 'Chicken'. To be honest the whole album is extremely even in quality and style and if you like one or two tracks you will like the rest.
About twelve months ago i saw them live and they were chaotic and noisy, but lacking a little presence, tightness and as far as i could tell, all of the tunes from this album. Right now, i'd give my right arm to see them again. Let's face it, how many other bands could play you a whole album in one half-hour set?

06-01-2003, 13:35:51
Not quite in that league but Sonic undermind can do 10 songs in 35 mins. :D

06-01-2003, 14:18:18
The datsuns
The datsuns

I had heard a few things about the datsuns around the msuic press and so recently i grabbed three mp3's off Kazaa and had a bit of a listen. I think they might have all been live tracks from a john peel session, anyway i thought they were great so i had little hesitation in buying the album proper.

Well let's get one thing clear from the off, we are in the temple of guitars here. As opposed to the EMBLD which hammers along short, nasty and fast, this is 'proper' music. The first track 'Sittin' pretty' features a lot of Hendrixian guitars, whilst the next two tracks 'Motherfucker from hell' and 'Lady' are much more eighties cock-rock.

The sound of the datsuns is quite difficult to sum up, like a lot of modern bands called The somethings they are a mix of some firly obvious homages and a new style and energy. The aforementioned cock rock element is certainly an important element, I often felt a nagging 'what does this remind me of?' sensation during a lot of the riffs. This is combined with a thoroughly emotional screaming/pleading vocal performance on most tracks. Lyrically we're in cock-rock territory, lots of stuff about girls giving them a hard time. Actually the more i heard the more i wondered if i was in some kind of eighties covers album.

Despite this, the whole thing is very enjoyable, well produced, done from the heart and carried off with a thoroughly rock'n'roll attitude. Part of me wonders if i had a more encyclopaedic knowledge of long haired leather wearing rock i would think the whole thing was a load of crap and just get my AC/DC and Iron Maiden albums out. But from what i've heard from a few listens i think that the datsuns have a bit more to offer than that.

06-01-2003, 14:22:11
From what I've heard of them (only 2 songs) they are a bit of an amalgum of the garage rock and 80s metal that, for me, doesn't quite work. I find it hard to explain why.

EMBD I'm tempted to buy now though.

06-01-2003, 14:51:25
Yeah that's exactly what they sound like.

I do like the EMBLD album much more, it's got more energy and is more original and distinctive.

06-01-2003, 15:13:49
Yeah. What I've heard of them doesn't sound like anyone else. Which is good.

Lazarus and the Gimp
06-01-2003, 19:21:16
The EMBLD album is brilliant- pure bonkers rock'n'roll.

The Datsuns album is Spinal Tap without the humour.

Provost Harrison
06-01-2003, 20:45:51
Originally posted by King_Ghidra
Well this album has achieved a certain amount of notoriety based on that fact that is amazingly short: 10 tracks, total length circa 25 minutes.

You call that short? I have a 15 track one at 22 minutes :D

06-01-2003, 21:37:50
I don't think he was trying to start a competition.

Provost Harrison
06-01-2003, 22:59:17
Well I am :p

13-01-2003, 15:21:16
I think I saw Eighties Matchbox B-Line disaster on Born Sloppy, great stuff, it was actually probably electric 6 as the person below me says, cos i remember 'danger danger'

13-01-2003, 17:50:08
Danger danger? high voltage, etc. isn't that Electric 6?

Anyway just to confirm my earlier suspicions, the EMBLD album is absolutely brilliant and the Datsuns albumn is rapidly losing favour with me.

I still like 'fink for the man' though

Mr. Bas
14-01-2003, 08:06:40
I finally bought Suffer a couple of days ago, very short as well (15 tracks in about 26 minutes, IIRC). But still, damn good. :bouncmsk:

Provost Harrison
14-01-2003, 23:29:30
Surely The Datsuns should get with the modern era and rename themselves The Nissans :D

Provost Harrison
14-01-2003, 23:30:23
Well done Mr Bas, a fine choice sir ;)

Mr. Bas
24-01-2003, 11:31:14
Yeah, it's a pretty good album, but slightly disappointing in the sense that like No Control or Against The Grain it's not as consistently great as All Ages, nor does it have that variety. But so far, all my BR albums have been worth the money. You preferred Generator over Recipe for hate, right?

Provost Harrison
24-01-2003, 20:39:40
I have never rated Recipe For Hate that highly myself, some good songs but certainly not their best. IMO Generator is their best album.

Mr. Bas
25-01-2003, 10:17:34
*shrug* I like the RFH songs I've heard so far, but the same goes for the Generator ones. From what I gather, RFH is at least their most varied album. Well, I don't think I'll buy either in the near future, I'm afraid.

Provost Harrison
25-01-2003, 13:10:14
Generator is their darkest, most broody album...I recommend it, but then again, I would ;)