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  1. Flood control
  2. These things suck.
  3. Tell the Moderator that MikeH is a twat
  4. Colour scheme
  5. Counterglow logo in the top left.
  6. changes to the 'postbit'
  7. I like the diamonds
  8. The Smilie Hunt
  9. I found a bug. :D
  10. Avatars
  11. Avatars?
  12. Backgrounds terrible
  13. Tidying up the thread page ...
  14. Brilliant idea
  15. Wow.
  16. Reply and new thread buttons
  17. Logo
  18. The board keeps logging me out.
  19. To The Management, re: forum rules
  20. Can we ban the Germans and Barbvarians?
  21. Thread icons
  22. Why is [img] code disabled?
  23. ARTICLES!!!
  24. Logo in the top left.
  25. Grey boxes don't work in Netscape
  26. Hey! The [img] code is on at last.
  27. Frontpage links
  28. Raised eyebrows smiley...
  29. Loud Mde / Counterglow
  30. I have a request
  31. Where has the member list gone?
  32. Post Counts
  33. Counterglow Shop
  34. Thanks for putting my review up.
  35. Would it be possible...
  36. New window when opening forums from front page?
  37. More poll options?
  38. Group summaries at the top of the page
  39. New Additions to the site!
  40. Xmas caps on smilies
  41. Smileys
  42. Two suggestions:
  43. That colour scheme is awful!
  44. On the Music page...
  45. Mommy! Mommy! I can't post news items!
  46. News Archive
  47. Forgotten passwords
  48. Can we at least have multiple competitive bigotries in the news section?
  49. Publicising Counterglow
  50. Number of articles on show
  51. Feature Request and Site Discussion
  52. How many threads should be displayed on one page of the forum
  53. spacebabes tournament
  54. Attention! Redesign
  55. Request - Increase the Session Time Out
  56. Help
  57. ATTN: The Management re:About Counterglow...
  58. New addition to profiles
  59. Have you made changes?
  60. Site request
  61. New feature on the website.
  62. Counterglow through Netscape
  63. FAO: Nav
  64. Can Someone Change My Name Please?
  65. Oi! Management!
  66. Would it be possible.....
  67. Site Discussion
  68. Form controls
  69. question
  70. Arrgghhhhh: bastard bastard flood control
  71. Nw Smilie Addition
  72. Should Counterglow have a Film Forum?
  73. Posts out of order
  74. Quick response thingy
  75. Move 'Competition' forum to same level as Counterpoint
  76. moderation
  77. What is the point of life and this forums
  78. Give me my News Access back!
  79. Is it just me
  80. What's with the closed threads?
  81. Why did Snapcase get his news access back?
  82. What's happened to the style sheets?
  83. New Forum Style, do you like it!
  84. Flood Control and quick replies
  85. MegaHal Response
  86. Any less bandwidth being used now?
  87. Can the quick reply be added to the classic look?
  88. You are a khunt no. 1
  89. 1K: THe kbeasts are everywhere!
  90. Long and whiney road
  91. Complaint about the DL of James's Mum! and the thread started my this DL!
  92. Management, is it possible?
  93. What's the limit on the PM boxes?
  94. Is it possible to take away James' right to create new threads??
  95. ' in poll options becomes /'
  96. Dear Mr. and Mrs. Management
  97. pm's link..
  98. PM buttons.
  99. New Forum Style Request
  100. Attach Zip files?
  101. Lets get chat
  102. New Archive section!
  103. Stop Being Down
  104. Fucking avatars
  105. Quotes keep changing
  106. Site discussion
  107. The Search by Username function is brocken.
  108. quick reply and light look
  109. If we had a marketing budget thingy..
  110. April - June Archive now live!
  111. Feature Request: Weekend Posters
  112. 25 posts per page?
  113. Sig is too high up
  114. Something is wrong with PM system
  115. Petition to rename :hmm: :mikeh:
  116. I know I'm gonna get slated for this but.....
  117. Whatever happened to "site owner"?
  118. Petition to add the :vodka: smiley.
  119. JonMillerJonMillerJonMillerJonMi is screwing up my formatting
  120. Management, please close this thread
  121. When the cat is away the mice dance on the table
  122. Who's the invisible moderator?
  123. Can we have a seventh forum?
  124. How about more mods?
  125. I want it, I want it, I want it
  126. Did the Management get any emails?
  127. Too Much of a Good Thing
  128. Can we have a "People whose first name is Chris" forum?
  129. Poly forum?
  130. What's with the thread closure?
  131. poly subforum
  132. New smilie
  133. The Greatest Thing Ever for Counterglow
  134. Can we change the old :eek: smily to this
  135. Can we get rid of the "better'n you" poly smilies?
  136. So how do I submit an article?
  137. I Said Close, Not Delete!
  138. what's wrong?
  139. Password changed.....?
  140. Argh Argh Argh Argh CG is Poly!
  141. Please Bear With Us?
  142. S'Poly nicks a bunch of our smilies
  143. Ouch.
  144. Bottom o'thread Quickjump?
  145. >>> Server Move!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  146. Users with Windows OS's will be able to access the site earlier by modifying their...
  147. Bloody Incompetance
  148. My first post here
  149. Will you keep both .com and .net?
  150. .com, .net and lazy bastards
  151. Shining1 can post news items...
  152. How about a staff or contributor page?
  153. CG admin (for adding articles and news) re-opened!
  154. Contributions
  155. Feature Request
  156. Bah
  157. Profile edited without authorization
  158. Lurker Index
  159. Profile edited without authorization, continued
  160. Profile edited without authorization, continued again
  161. Profile edited without authorization, continued...
  162. The front page
  163. The Management is a thread locking bastard
  164. FYI: somebody is submitting addresses to porn sites
  165. I need a definition
  166. Flood Control on PMs
  167. Extend the PM length limit by 1000 characters
  168. So when's .net coming back?
  169. Time for a Technical Geek Forum
  170. Can we have a squid forum?
  171. Was it just me...
  172. I'd like to request a 10% PCR for myself and all my little friends
  173. Time for a Technical Greek Forum
  174. can we kill this thread???????
  175. CG looks shite when using Opera as your browser
  176. Valentines Day
  177. More Announcements Needed
  178. Oh managment...
  179. News Submissions
  180. I got my student loan for this term, can I contribute now?
  181. Searching for terms in thread title does not work
  183. mailbox full??
  184. CG Glossary
  185. CounterGlow on a Mac
  186. To administrator
  187. Downtime on Sat night 10.30ish-11.20 (GMT)
  188. Right, I've worked in this user name now...
  189. Signatures
  190. I want my own forum.
  191. Title Script Request
  192. Mark All Forums Red
  193. henryguy79
  194. Can we have this simly please?
  195. Clean Up may be needed...
  196. Script Change Suggestion re: Spambots
  197. If you want the web games in the games forum please say so
  198. defecation thread in main forum
  199. New Style
  200. Tech section?
  201. Request for New Font
  202. Request for World Peace
  203. Request for a enw Forum
  204. Request for new smilie
  205. Okay, Navagement!
  206. change the categories
  207. The Management Sucks
  208. New Forum
  209. Petition to rename the forums ...
  210. Anyone up for doing some (outward-looking) collective features?
  211. Combat Mission subforum?
  212. Kill Bill
  213. Another smilie request
  214. What happened to the screensize of the forum??
  215. The Management Still Sucks
  216. I DEMAND the "Return to Forum" button!!!
  217. New forum look options blow
  218. Return to Forum - Address Unknown
  219. New colour styles *submissions wanted*!
  220. Okay... now the Light Style is messed up.
  221. Rant Smilie
  222. You know what would be neat?
  223. 3K: Just how bad does the Management suck?
  224. Please change my username to TCO
  225. Archive moved offline
  226. Request to implement posting standards...
  227. Request: [spoiler] tag
  228. Can we ban that annoying Taz fellow?
  229. Petition to rename Technical to TechnoGlow!
  230. The server clock
  231. Petition to rename TechnoGlow to Technical!
  232. "Gangrene" as seen though the hi-color display of the Umeň university computers
  233. Upload folder?
  234. Hosting for Next CG Year
  235. Can't publish
  236. Won't publish
  237. Smile request: Ninja smilie!
  238. View Printable Version
  239. Can we have a Mac forum for all those disgruntled 'Poly posters to use?
  240. Dickstar!
  241. Password reminder emails ...
  242. CG Key of the Year 2003
  243. Can I not complain here?
  244. Secret forum
  245. Technophobe forum?
  246. Forum for discussing the addition of other forums?
  247. Links!
  248. So what happened to the 2K4 funding drive?
  249. Where the hell is the secret forum?
  250. get that search funtion back online