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Spellforce: The Order of Dawn
Posted: 24/4/04 by Qaj | Comments (24)

Graphics & Sound
The graphics of Spellforce are quite nice to look at. The landscapes are detailed, the monsters are fairly well-constructed and textured, and the day/night cycle is impressive, as are the shadows produced by it. The major drawback is that the graphics engine is SLOW. Get a small amount of action going on the screen, and the frame rate drops like a stone. This is true even with low graphics settings.

The sound is less than inspiring, and is downright awful in places. There are three main areas for discussion: music, sound effects, and character dialog. The music for Spellforce isn't too awful. In fact, I haven't gotten around to switching it off yet, which means it's a least tolerable to my ears, which is no bad thing. The sound effects, on the other hand, are perfunctory at best, with grunts and groans as characters engage in battle, clunks for opening chests, etc. etc. Nothing to write home about.

Where Spellforce strikes out when it comes to sound is character dialog. The voice acting in the game is poor at best, abysmal at worst. Case in point: I started my first campaign with a male character, but after playing about a third of the way though, the dialog produced by him was so lacking in enthusiasm I quit and restarted with a female character (whose voice is a little better). Unfortunately, I couldn't do anything about the voice acting of the NPCs you meet, some of whom sound like they really do NOT want to be there. Couple this with the (at time) poor translation from the native German the game was originally done in, and you have a recipe for mediocrity.
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