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LWP 9 - Songs of Innocence and Experience Part 4
Posted: 15/6/06 by Funkodrom | Comments (11)


I had the LWP compilation on rotation in the office for a few days when I first got it, and this is the only track that I consistently had to skip because it made my workmates uncomfortable. That's actually a compliment, by the way. I like Doom metal.

Laz & the Gimp

With this sort of stuff I always find myself asking "Is this great, or is it boring?". I can take grindcore tracks like this because I used to be a fan of Godflesh. This isn't in Godflesh's league, but it's still inventive enough to ward off any boredom. It's also a great track to play in the car at volumes that would cause atoms to implode. Fun.

Immortal Wombat

This is reminiscent of Pelican, only even murkier, like if they were making a track about finding alien life on Jupiter. I like it, anyway, though as with all instrumental metal soundscapes, it could drop a couple of minutes when removed from context.


This song was rather hypnotic. You'd think I'd tire of the simplistic, repetative beats, but I didn't.


Please make it stop. Boring.


So far so good...the first band I was in had a great drummer who had this kind of style...too bad the guitarist was into more technical twee sounds or we could have been a great metal band. comes the screaming...will it pay off? singing...just birdies and spaceships chirping. Unless I was using it on my MP3 player for working out, I doubt I'd listen to it again. Sounds like a grudgefuck soundtrack.

Mr Bas

Another track that seems to go into Isis/Neurosis territory. It does its thing quite well, too. My educated guess is that this is Pelican, with the subtle changes in slow riffage and the long, virtually all instrumental nature of the track. Also well worth seeing live, BTW. Anyway, like I said, great atmospheric metal, I really must buy this in the near future.

Mad Squirrel

Reminds me of the dungeon theme from Serpent Isle, but there are no sparkly mushrooms to SAVE ME FROM THIS HELL!!!!!

Eklektikos responds

This track does indeed stray very far into Isis territory, primarily because it is, in fact, Isis. A song entitled Constructing Towers from their SGNL>05 EP, to be precise. A little older than the track I submitted on a previous LWP and thus heavier and possessing less of the Mogwai/Godspeed You Black Emperor! influences that their subsequent material has displayed.
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