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LWP 9 - Songs of Innocence and Experience Part 4
Posted: 15/6/06 by Funkodrom | Comments (11)

Laz & the Gimp

Yur.....Not even the presence of Shane MacGowan is sufficient to rescue this gruesome power ballad. The female vocals are nice, but I've grown increasingly more repelled with every listen.

Mr Bas

This is horrible. Actually, the song is just average, okay but very repetitive, and the singing is not that bad in itself, but that flute, that flute. The aim is to sound celtic I guess, but it's so fucking horrible that it completely destroys any attraction this song might have had for me. Next!

Mad Squirrel

Argh! Struck again by the dreaded ambivalence!


Talk about slamming into reverse on the freeway. After the previous two whacked out headjob tracks we get the somewhat becoming trite English Isles war song. There must be whole sections of music in your stores with "Celtic Disembowelment Soundtracks". I like it a lot and for some reason it reminds me of Nick Cave a bit...I like songs with stories...I think we may need to do a comp of nothing but classic frontier tales from around the world. God knows we have some from the US to offer. Good stuff...his throat must hurt.


Is this off the Lord of the Rings soundtrack or something? Oh no, wait, it's kicked in with singing and stuff. She's still singing about horses so maybe it is LotR after all. Ah, now that's Shane McGowan isn't it. So it's the Pogues. The Pogues singing about horses. I like it a lot.


I rather like the way this song starts, but the moment the male vocalist starts his solo stint I can only see the toothless visage of Shane McGowan leering out of the speakers at me. Then it goes a bit metal, further perplexing me. A slightly wary thumbs up to this one on balance, however.


Pretty flutes at the beginning.I did not like the male vocals at all. The woman was decent but nothing spectacular. Neither had any passion in their singing. Chorus is repeated too often. Honestly, the strongest thing this song has going for it is the instrumentation because the vocals and lyrics kill it.


Two of my pet hates, MOR radio rock and irish-flavoured folk music in a combination that's not actually bad at all. It may be Corrs-gone-metal, but it's sharp enough to startle the dull demographic.

Immortal Wombat responds

Not only Irish-flavoured, but actually Irish. This is Cruachan's version of the traditional song "Ride On", with Shane McGowan contributing vocals. Their tracks with stronger metal influences are a bit patchy, but I'm a sucker for metalled-up ballads.
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