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Listen Without Predjudice 9 - Part 3
Posted: 23/5/06 by Funkodrom | Comments (55)


At first listen the folky section made me laugh and I didn't like the way they used a very classic Metallica 'acoustic' arpeggio riff/instrumental to introduce the metal section. It seems quite naive, but the metal bit is so short at the end. Is it European?

Lazarus and the Gimp

Very interesting. I'm going to level one criticism at this track, and it's down to the overly-exaggerated contrast between the vocals. The male vocalist is a bit too death metal, while the female vocalist has had too many classical singing lessons. If both were more Naturalistic, this track would be a lot more affecting- just imagine if it was Mark Lanegan and Hope Sandoval singing this. As it is, it's still a fascinating number which a lot of thought has gone into. The arrangement is cleverly handled, and I like the blend of folk and heavy rock influences (which can sound horribly prog if not handled sensitively). I'll be checking more out by this band.


This just isn't my kind of song; it's far too slow, but is innoffensive enough that I can't really think of much to say to make fun of it, which is disappointing in itself. I have never felt that the fusion of more "traditional" sounds with modern music or instruments works very well; I think they get away with it a little more than normal with this track, but it's still lack-lustre to my mind.


Oh bloody hell, more rock. This seems to be some folky celtic shite. Skipping on quickly. Ah fuck, not quick enough, some bitch is singing now. Awful.


How goth! I love it! Granted I do believe the lyrics were about dead children (at least at the beginning) and that struck me as a little ... eep. Could not understand the chorus at all, but the woman's voice was very pretty and soothing. I liked the instrumentation a lot.

Mad Squirrel

...Well, I hate it. Yup. Presumably it's supposed to be deep or something but I can't understand a damn word of it so it doesn't really hit it's mark, does it?

Scabrous Birdseed

I'm not really into the folk-operetta type soprano voice but in combination with the "I'm vomiting" type extreme metal vocal it's actually fairly brilliant. Pity about the first 2/3rds of the song.


Erm, I'm not entirely sure what to make of this. Initial reaction is to blame it on Laz and assume that it's probably going to grow on me later when I'm least expecting it. Secondary reaction is to realise that it's probably not too far away from the Steve Von Till track I submitted and that I should really be careful about criticising it too much until I've given it a better listen. That being said, it hasn't done that much for me so far.


I really like the strings in this...I'm hoping for a female vocalist...and denied! Another guy singing up from the bottom of a well.

Oooh...wait...there's the female voice I was hoping for, flitting in the background. Ok...I like this...I feel like I should be dancing around a peat bonfire with a bronze knife in my hand, getting ready to eat virgin guts. Tell me more about this.

Immortal Wombat responds:

This is "Lost (Robin's Song)" by Haggard. They're a German collective trying to weave mediaeval orchestrals with heavy metal influences. The problem choosing an individual track is that no single one really displays the range of their sound. The album this is from is their first, wonderfully titled, "And Thou Shalt Trust... The Seer", which is apparently telling a story about the Inquisition. It ranges from a two minute instrumental requiem to a nine-minute metal opus, with vocals going from gregorian-style Latin chants, to death growls in German to more intelligible vocals (by all three vocalists) in English. Later albums add French and then Italian. A few tracks are let down by clunky lyrics and exaggerated vocals, but the arrangements are excellent, and the overall impression is a superb tapestry of music.

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