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Listen Without Predjudice 9 - Part 3
Posted: 23/5/06 by Funkodrom | Comments (55)


I quite like this song; it starts stronger with good tune and the Tyler-Durden-esque laughter, but in honestly I bore of the song quite quickly; I'm not sure why - I bore of tracks quickly and have a bad habit of skipping mid-track a lot of the time - and this one causes the fast forward button ot get particularly heavy attention. The female vocalist is much better than the male too...


This is great. Sounds very like Mark Lanegan to me. I'm not sure I have heard this track before but I'm picking his albums up as I see them. Great stuff. I assume Laz put it on?


Nasty laughing is always a good way to start a song. This has a kind of Queens of the Stone Age/Stoner rock feel to it, and it's cool as hell. The mention of metamphetamine blues struck some kind of bell in my head and i realised i'd heard of this before, though not heard the actual track. So a bit of research later and i see it's by Mark Lanegan and what with him being a QOTSA collaborator and with Josh Homme and Nick Olivieri playing on this album i guess that accounts for the QOTSA sound. Anyway, great track, i shall be checking out this album.


Manages to sound bluesy and techno all at the same time. Definitely an interesting mix of styles in this song. The repetitive chorus/lyrics gets a little old about the 2 minute mark.

Mad Squirrel

Has it's moments, I guess. But it's fairly awful all around.

Scabrous Birdseed

My electrolesbian workmate claims this is Mark Lanegan and P J Harvey but I have to say this sounds better than anything I've heard by either of them before. Hypnotic industrial blues and a smell of rotting decadence that draws you into a whole new world of crystal meth and death. Iggy Pop is probably jealous.


For whatever reason, horribly distorted and muddled production like this and Tom Waits's Real Gone generally seems to be a positive thing in my mind, especially when the music itself is so chaotic and cacophanous. Coming back to this after not having had time to listen to it for a while I also realise that I've had a bit of the chorus stuck in my head for some time without really realising it. Which would seem to indicate that I like it. Isn't that nice.


This is Mark Lanegan's ethampetamine Blues from his album Bubblegum and I imagine Laz picked this one. As for experience, this guy has it in spades. I heard his drug of choice was heroin, but I'm sure he's dabbled in crank as well. Having endured a pretty rotten period of the same abuse...well..."rollin' just to keep on rollin'" is a very apt description. He has better songs but this one is unique and I like it a lot even if it makes me cringe. Check out his new one with Isobel Campbell. It's great.

Immortal Wombat

Mark Lanegan's Methamphetamine Blues. I got hold of "Bubblegum" after Laz's review of it, and have been listening to it ever since. Relentless clang indeed - this rocks.

Laz responds:

This certainly is the irresistable clang of "Methamphetamine Blues" by The Mark Lanegan Band, from the album "Bubblegum". Lanegan is best-known these days for his QOTSA collaborations, but he's a much darker animal at heart and I've been a fan for over 15 years. Quite apart from having the most deliciously ravaged voice in rock, he's a lyricist of rare skill as well. This is one of my favourite Lanegan tracks, featuring filthy backing vocals from Wendy Rae Fowler.

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