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Listen Without Predjudice 4 - Part 4
Posted: 24/4/03 by Sean | Comments (59)

I wasn’t too sure what to make of this track when I first listened to this compilation, but since I’ve started properly listening to CD2 this track has really grown on me. It’s played really badly, the parts barely fit together, the riffs are obvious, and the recording is really muddy, but somehow I get the feeling that that was how it was supposed to be. Right at the start it sounds like Wandering Star by Portishead and the little mini-solo in the middle comes on like the bastard son of Dinosaur Jr. I don’t have a clue who this band is, but I hope it’s one of those seminal pre-grunge bands like Green River or Mother Love Bone, bands I technically should love given my taste in obscure American indie-rock, but have never really listened to. Having said that I bet it’ll turn out to be someone I hate. C’est la vie.
Guess: Hmm, Lazarus and the Gimp maybe?

*End Is Forever*
Not bad, not bad at all. Sounds distinctly Queens of the Stone Age-esque. Competently done but I still can’t see what all the fuss is about. I’m guessing Laz because he’s raved about QOTSA before, but given his abhorrence for predictability I’m far from convinced he’d pick something so obvious.
Guess: Lazarus and the Gimp

Lazarus and the Gimp
The first minute of this track had me bouncing around with excitement – I thought Thin White Rope had reformed. It’s not them, but it’s very, very heavily influenced by them – the guitar sound is a carbon copy of the Kyser/Kunkel axe attack.
    So who is it? It’s 100% Desert Rock, and more conventionally “Rock” than Thin White Rope were. I think it’s Kyuss, as that singer sounds like Josh Homme. This is a great track – just how Rock should be.
Guess: protein

The opening sounds like a good Portishead song and then it gets better. Sounds suspiciously like QOTSA. Is it Kyuss? Kuyass? How do you spell it? Kayak? I prefer the QOTSA album I know but this is still good rock music.
Guess: The Shaker

The Shaker
Never listen to the start of this when you are feeling hungover. You will vomit from queasiness. The rest of it is real nice though, the sort of stuff you’d expect me to like. The guitars and voice are very reminiscent of Josh Homme, but with less bass than I am used to from QOTSA. In fact I’m pretty sure this is them, in one form or another. Love it.
Guess: King_Ghidra

I seem to recall that I made sure to start each CD with a track I liked, so that I entered into each one in a positive frame of mind. Therefore, I like this. It’s not exactly spectacular but hey, how many tracks have been?
Guess: King_Ghidra

Me likey! Great intro, good voice, very engaging. Strong beat…hey, this guitarist has got some chops. And the background sighing or whatever is a nice touch as well. I’d buy an album or two of this band.
Guess: Sean

The intro sounds like Portishead. I hate Portishead. When I was at university someone played it over and over again for an entire year and all I could hear was that damn Boooooom-boooom bassline. I used to like it before that as well. Anyway, then the song changes and I wish it actually was Portishead because what follows is much worse. At least Portishead are actually good even though I find them annoying.
Guess: Lazarus and the Gimp

Mr. Bas
Nice intro, and a great song as well. Except for the annoyingly long solo, this is really good, like most stuff Josh Homme has done. I’m not quite sure in what incarnation this is, but I don’t think this is either Kyuss or QOTSA. Desert sessions maybe? Anyhow, excellent choice.
Guess: Lazarus and the Gimp

Provost Harrison
I don’t mind this song at all actually, quite melancholy in a post-grunge kind of way.
Guess: Bas

Resource Consumer
Nice intro. I’ll stop there as the least said about this tuneless dirge the better.
Guess: Funkodrom

Scabrous Birdseed
What an unpleasant way to start CD2 off! Well, no, actually, I’m lying there because it starts off quite well. When the massive soundburst first enters the song it promises warped, twisting goodness but it soon becomes samey, and that voice… *shudder*
Guess: The Shaker

King_Ghidra says:
Well firstly, well done to all those who guessed the Kyuss/QOTSA connection, this is indeed Queens of the Stone Age with one of their earliest tracks – released on an EP before Rated R“The Bronze Age”. Secondly, I am amazed at some people’s negative responses, particularly Funkodrom’s, who I know is a big QOTSA fan. This track really seems to have split you guys down the middle, but I hardly need say that I think it is magnificent.

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