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Chaos League
Posted: 12/7/04 by King_Ghidra | Comments (52)

There are two aspects of play beyond the match itself that gain importance in this mode: the first is the treasury, which is maintained from match to match, and bolstered by gate receipts and success (or sapped by failure) on the pitch. The treasury can be used from match to match for the usual round of dirty tricks, but it can also be used to buy new players for your team. One minor disappointment is that there is no transfer mode in Chaos League, so you cannot poach opposition star players; all you can do is buy fresh new players of your own race for your team. Of course, for most of the races this still allows the exciting prospect of saving up and buying a big guy such as an Ogre or an Ent.

The second feature of the Championship mode that comes into play is experience. Players gain experience for performing certain actions during the game, such as scoring touchdowns, completing passes, injuring opponents, etc. Each player type has a list of different skills available to them, all of which cost different amounts of experience points. Players can either buy skills as they accrue enough experience or they can save experience from game to game to save up for the more powerful skills. The experience system is a great way of tailoring your team for the style of play you prefer, whether it be giving them greater stamina to withstand combat better, or boosting the throwing arm of your quarterback, or whatever.

I have some minor gripes with the game generally. As this is review code I can forgive some of the language that has not been translated or has been translated badly - I have to assume such errors will be ironed out.
One bizarre event that occurred was that I was able to create a save game with no name, which I was then able to use successfully, but only by virtue of an exercise similar to pin the tail on the donkey. A minor point for a Blood Bowl old-timer like me was the inability to edit the computer-controlled teams. I would have loved to have been able to build my very own NAF complete with Chaos-All-Stars, Darkside Cowboys and Champions of Death, or see the likes of Hubris Rakarth and Morg’th N’htrhog take to the field. Maybe in Chaos League 2, eh Cyanide?

I should also confess that I have not yet been able to try out the online multiplayer mode, which I imagine Cyanide would see as one of the game’s major assets. Certainly the prospect of playing in an online Chaos League is a tanatalising one.

Overall, Chaos League does an impressive job of evoking the fun, atmosphere and mayhem of fantasy football. It is not without its flaws, but it oozes an enthusiasm and attention to detail that should win over anyone with a passing interest in the concept. For a fan like myself, well it really is something of a dream come true.

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