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LWP 9 - Songs of Innocence and Experience
Posted: 18/4/06 by Funkodrom | Comments (71)

Scabrous Birdseed

Hip-hop-style sexual self-confidence and sharp conciseness is not really features you’d expect in songs featuring teenage girls. I hope it’s not written by some older person who intends to be ironic ‘cause that’d totally spoil it. Guess: King_Ghidra


Out of the seven songs this and One were the two that I would have most associated with Innocence. I think there is some kind of reflex within me that makes me associate a female singer with a voice like this with innocence. The song itself is pretty catchy, but isn't really something I'd listen to. Too poppy and the lyrics are unimaginative.


I really like this. There's something special about 5/4. I don't know what it is but I love the odd spinny just out of time rhythm you get. Add that to a cute catchy female vocal and I think you have a winner. My favourite from this section.

Mad Squirrel

Kinda irritating, but cute.

Immortal Wombat

This song is too short, I keep overshooting it. I suspect the first minute of being not good enough to hold my attention, and the second minute of not being bad enough to grab it back again. The lyrics annoy me quite a lot.


Another cutesy song. Like the last one the singing is really breathy. Come to think of it, the first one had breathy singing, too. Lyrics definitely qualified too and i think this song fits in well here. Overall, catchy but I can't imagine any of you guys listening to this.

Big Game Hunter

I think this is Julianna Hatfield, who, but for lack of timing (maybe being slightly AHEAD of her time) would have been a major alternative star. I like her voice, it sounds good because it is lacking weight or something. Kind of ethereal and honest. I don't know if this is new or old but it is good. So far very impressed with this album mix. Mad Squirrel?

Lazarus and the Gimp

Is this Juliana Hatfield? It reminds me strongly of Blake Babies. If it was, it gives me a chance to dig out an old story. Round about 1993, Juliana Hatfield "outed" herself as a virgin- this caused a Melody Maker writer to coin the great couplet "Juliana Hatfield/ never had her twat feeled".

Er...anyway...this is a classic example of a vocal style I call "cwoss wickle girl". It's a singer desperate to explore adult themes such as doing the sex, but can't overcome the crippling handicap of sounding about ten years old. This causes her to never be taken seriously, and to go off to write angry poems in her bedroom with posters of ponies on the wall. It's pretty enough, but the thought of listening to an entire album of this makes me want to go shopping at Tescos instead. A bit dull, really.

King_Ghidra responds:

This is indeed Juliana Hatfield, as a couple of people guessed. The track is called Spin the Bottle, and it's one of a handful of Juliana Hatfield tracks I own. I can't say i think it's amazing, (i'll take Here Comes the Pain or My Sister over it) but it's quite cute and catchy and seemed to fit the theme well.

Of course, if it wasn't for some technical issues, you would all have been listening to The Boys in the Band by The Libertines instead, but them's the breaks.
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