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LWP 9 - Songs of Innocence and Experience
Posted: 18/4/06 by Funkodrom | Comments (71)

Mad Squirrel

I really like this song, though I think my eardrums wish I didn't.

Big Game Hunter

My...a very nostalgic song. I can't completely make out the lyrics but I think I hear "1995 is missing buses...walking 15 miles to see your love". Ok...well, I was 25 then and a bit jaded for the 15 mile booty call walk, but I completely comprehend what is being said here. Neat fuzzy sound, underproduced and earnest. Sigh...too bad it's 1986 for me, eh?
KG? I'd definitely buy this album.

Immortal Wombat

This sounds like someone's anthem for the summer after finishing secondary school. Objectively this song is nothing special, but I imagine its the sort of song which is very effective at playing back memories of when you first heard it. Nice.


Love this song. Smacks of being a Funko / KG choice... Again, very close to my tastes, so an instant hit for me.


Unfortunately I think this is one of the more throwaway songs on the compilation. I say unfortunately because I guess I am about the same age as whoever wrote it so I should relate more. There's nothing wrong with it but I find it a bit unspectacular. I wouldn't skip it but I wouldn't go out of my way to hear more.

King Ghidra

This is not bad. It hovers just above the line of fragile/cool, narrowly avoiding the limp and self-indulgent.

Scabrous Birdseed

Bah! Iím getting soft in my old age. Didnít put this ghastly sentimental Radio Dept. track on my Swedish compo three years ago because itís disgustingly indie, but now I find itís actually quite catchy. Damn its newfangled enlivening chorus. Humbug! Guess: Lazarus and the Gimp


The mood this song sets does strike me as innocent. It's kind of a cutesy, catchy song. It'll do. I like the guy's gentle voice and the guitars during the chorus are pretty cool.

Laz responds

Well guessed, Scabby. I put this song on partly to see if I could lure you into saying something nice about it, seeing as you slated this band so mercilessly a couple of years back.

This is "1995" by The Radio Dept.- a Swedish group who obviously spent a lot of time listening to the better class of late 80's British Indie bands. The rest of the album "Lesser matters" tends to be noisier than this- it's very close to A C Acoustics in a lot of places. However I think this is just a lovely depiction of innocent adolescent randiness and adventure. Rather than the wilful childishness that infects some songs on this disc, this track is just affectionately nostalgic.
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