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LWP 9 - Songs of Innocence and Experience
Posted: 18/4/06 by Funkodrom | Comments (71)

Immortal Wombat

The opening ten seconds of this made me think Nills had submitted some Circulus. Then I remembered that Nills wasn't participating, and this wasn't likely to be a Mediaeval Summoning Of The Spring, and then it changed completely. Of all the Caribbean stuff which Snappy has put on these things, this is the one I like the most. Really good dancing-on-the-beach music.

King Ghidra

I've got plenty of time for some good reggae/dancehall and this does it for me. Not too much else to say about it, just a very danceable and uplifting track.


This track is pleasant enough; it's just too slow for my tastes, like most reggae is. It's annoyingly repetitive too.

Mad Squirrel

It starts out okay, but while I realize it's not not supposed to go anywhere, well...

Lazarus and the Gimp

Well it's jaunty, isn't it? It's a lightweight and disposable example of a genre that offers far more depth than is presented here. The vocal is OK, without being at all memorable. The production is a bit murky- was this butchered into MP3 or something?


I'm not sure if this is a good song or not, because I'm not into reggae in the least. Not sure how this qualifies as innocent either. What was the point the submitter was trying to make with this?


I assume this is Scabby's because it has that reggae dancehall vibe. Anyway, I sometimes like this and sometimes it annoys me a bit depending on my mood. It's got that kind of reggae vibe to it but if I ever get distracted by that kind of plinky bass sound it really starts to annoy me.

Scabrous Birdseed

Hey, someone else has grasped the 'early reggae' baton Ive carried through most of the LWP relay so far. Well done. Marvellous stuff - bright, lively production (Studio One?) and, yes, soul. Reggae got soul.

Guess: BigGameHunter

BigGameHunter responds

Well...I have managed to consistently garner mostly negative reactions to my submissions. I must conclude that I either have superlative taste that is simply light years ahead of its counterparts or I listen to crappy music on the whole. This is Toots and the Maytals' "Reggae Got Soul". It is indeed underproduced and overly simple in parts, but it is so full of the raw, Irie good vibe that only the most jaded shoe gazing cynic could disparage it. I am further perplexed that I have the double-edged compliment package of KG and Scabby weighing in on this, and am happy to see Wombat also seems to posess similar good taste. The innocence component dates back to a troubled childhood made better by an early and mystic posession of Bob Marley's "Confrontation", an album I had no business having at the tender age of 8 years old but which I wore out on my 1st generation record player and which saw me through a lot of sad, lonely days as a kid. I highly recommend Toots to all those in search of spiritual uplift. The rest of you are beyond hope, obviously.
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