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LW9 - Songs of Innocence, part 2
Posted: 27/4/06 by Scabrous Birdseed | Comments (14)

Lazarus and the Gimp: OK. With the benefit of hindsight, I can see that this slice of heroic angst really doesn't belong on the "innocence". I really like it though- the singer sounds familiar, but I can't name him. It gets a bit overblown when he starts going "OOOOOOOATRRRFGGHH!!", but it's still one I'm interested in checking out further.

Mad Squirrel: Boring voice, boring music, and he runs out of lyrics halfway through. Oh boy, this is wonderful.

Scabrous Birdseed: Dullest track of either CD? When the man starts to sing my mind just drifts away.

BigGameHunter: I'm sure this is considered incredibly deep and poignant by its fans but it sounds like some overly serious metal head in his basement with a four track. All it is missing is some verbage about wizards and the great all seeing eye of Crom. In fact, every song in this second half is just too much "whatever". I have a problem with this overwrought and dramatic lyricism. Mainly because it reminds me of some of the crap I wrote when I was in a band at 19--all Greek theater and an orgy of introspection that was not quite honest enough. Laz.

DevilMunchkin: This sounds like Billy Idol: a guy who can't sing trying very hard to sing. It bored me to death.

Funko: This really reminds me of the Johnny Cash I've heard. I don't think it is him but it's still excellent. The change up to a more electric pink floyd-esque mood is unexpected, and I don't think it's really needed. Could have ended the song there and it would have been great.

Immortal Wombat: Now this is what "Vision of a Dying World" should be, but aren't. I really like this. It starts of as a cold, growly poem, then the drums kick in and it turns into a hymn to the end of the world. Woh-o-o-o-ohh. Yeah.

Eklektikos sez: This is To The Field by Steve Von Till who can more normally be found fronting the San Francisco based "sensory overload" act Neurosis. I honestly can't decide whether or not I think his solo work is really rather good or criminally overwrought - which is why I wouldn't have included this track as a proper LWP submission - but figured that the balancing act it may or may not be pulling off perhaps makes it interesting enough to serve as decent filler material. Given the split in opinion seen in the reviews I'd say that I was probably right about that.
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