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LW9 - Songs of Innocence, part 2
Posted: 27/4/06 by Scabrous Birdseed | Comments (14)

Lazarus and the Gimp: Ah, yes. This must be Belle and Sebastian. It's "Still obsessing over Primary School" from the album "I'm a bedwetter", if I'm not mistaken. While there are very sound reasons for mocking them, I have to grudgingly admit that they do (miraculously) get away with it, due to an undeniable sensitivity and skill. Yes, I do like this song, but it does make me want to overcompensate by buying a BMX purely to pull wheelies on, before finding something to bully.

Scabrous Birdseed: Poor Anthony. Not only is he being bullied (which I feel a genuine sympathy for) but he's in danger of falling prey to one of the most dangerous epidemics to sweep small-town Britain: becoming a whiny, introvert indie shit like thousands of other kids that think they're "different". At least then he'll forget the bullying and start constructing a happy childhood for himself as part of the inevitable Peter Pan syndrome that is Twee.

Mad Squirrel: Sort of dull.

BigGameHunter: I can see how this guy can put his nuts in a vice grip for studio recordings, but how does he pull it off in live shows? Pants that are too tight or what? Actually, the sound is ok, but the subject matter doesn't do it for me. Boo hoo, you're a transvestite or something and nobody likes you at school. Hell, I had the same don't hear me crying about it. Too much...just too much.

DevilMunchkin: Reminds me of Bread in style. The lyrics are hilarious! Very true painting of high school. This would work great in a movie.

Funko: At first this sounds like a token slow/acoustic song from an emo band, and it still could be but after repeated listenings it improves a bit. Not much though.

IW sez: As Laz correctly said, this is Belle and Sebastian's Lord Anthony from "Dear Catastrophe Waitress". I think it's a pleasant song about the shedding of childhood innocence without the "join our sub-culture" undertones that many similar, angstier songs have. I'm pretty sure the lingering post-B&S desire to go and kick a puppy is normal though. Excuse me.
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