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LW9 - Songs of Innocence, part 2
Posted: 27/4/06 by Scabrous Birdseed | Comments (14)

BigGameHunter: Cool...Phil Spector Wall of Sound stuff! The lead singer has to be named Ronnie or Debbi or Shondel of something like that. For some reason I wish I was cruising in an 1955 Cadillac convertible with my 1st edition Ray Ban's on and a Lucky Strike hanging out of my mouth. We'll pull over to watch the sun go down and I'll find my way under her pink cashmere sweater and grab that torpedo inspired brassiere. Later on we'll do down to Johnny's Diner and have a little pie and coffee.

DevilMunchkin: Very 50's style. Reminds me of the beat from that song "Be My Baby." It's ok. Wouldn't go out of my way to listen to this.

Funko: This one I really like, it's very fifties but something about the production makes me think it's a lot newer, and who's the second vocal? Very familiar. I can imagine the 50s prom scene it'd accompany.

Mad Squirrel: I don't hate this or like this or think there is anything particularly noticeable about this song.

Scabrous Birdseed: Ahh, the obligatory "Be My Baby" percussion track. Although I do like the authentic-sounding girl group interjections I think I preffered the Marah entry on LWP6 - This veers dangerously close to blanded-out-60s Thrills territory. Totally unfounded guess: The Pipettes.

Immortal Wombat: This is almost a Christmas song, but in a good way. Without the saccharine lyrics but with the diverse jangly percussion. I like it. Wo-o-o-o-ohh.

Those "Ronnie" and "Spector" references are well-chosen, because one of the two female vocalists on this track is the great Ronnie Spector.

Laz sez:This is "Ode to LA" by The Raveonettes, from their 2005 album "Pretty in Black". I picked this to confound the theory that "girly = innocent" because this track is a dialogue between innocence (the male vocal by Sune Rose Wagner), experience (Ronnie Spector) and the undecided voice in the middle (the first female vocal by Sharin Foo). So it's a dialogue on innocence and maturity, a reassurance that it's OK to be scared about leaving home, a wise word about the merits of the small-town home, and a blast of youthful adventure- all in one three-minute pop song. The Raveonettes are the best thing to come out of Denmark since Ivar the Boneless.
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