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> Does It Offend You, Yeah? Molotow, Hamburg - Live Review
> Down III - Over the Under review by Caligastia
> Spider Vomit - Widows Walk
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> Mercury Music Award 2004
> Free MP3 of the Week (ish) - Rodeohead
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Does It Offend You, Yeah? Molotow, Hamburg - Live Review
Vincent braves the depths of the red light district to discover what exactly DIOYY are all about.
posted 17/1/08
Down III - Over the Under review by Caligastia
Caligastia gets to grips with the latest from the metal supergroup
posted 25/10/07
Spider Vomit - Widows Walk
Melbourne's Spider Vomit throw up debut EP. novacane cleans up.
posted 18/10/07
Hey Venus! by Super Furry Animals Review
Will the welsh wizards 8th offering live up to their fans expecations? novacane finds out
posted 12/10/07
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Strawberry Jam Animal Collective review by novacane
novacane gets stuck into the fruity new album from the experimental Animal Collective
posted 12/10/07
25 Top Streaming Radio Music Stations To Expand Your Mind
Scabrous Birdseed sifts through thousands of streams to bring you nuggets of gold
posted 11/8/07
Throbbing Gristle- "Part 2- The Endless Not"
The unexpected reappearance of an industrial stalwart, as reviewed by Laz
posted 14/4/07
LWP 9 - Songs of Innocence and Experience Part 4
Finally! The last part of the most recent LWP series
posted 15/6/06
Listen Without Predjudice 9 - Part 3
The first part of the LWP 9 experience CD
posted 23/5/06
LW9 - Songs of Innocence, part 2
Rouding out the bonus tracks from the first CD
posted 27/4/06
LWP 9 - Songs of Innocence and Experience
Part 9 of the long running Listen Without Predjudice Series
posted 18/4/06
"Livin' fear of James Last"- Nurse With Wound variety pack
Debut major-label release for the industrial veteran
posted 9/1/06
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Free MP3 of the week - no idea what number
Music: Posted: 16/12/02 12:09 Author: Funkodrom Comments: 4 Comments

Some of you saw Joski last week but I've been meaning to put one of their mp3s up as free mp3 of the week for a while. This is the low bandwidth version of my favourite song from the three they have available from their site. It's called Direction Finding

Free MP3 of the week - yes, another one!
Music: Posted: 25/11/02 11:00 Author: Funkodrom Comments: 7 Comments

This was sent to me by Scabrous Birdseed, and it's quite cool so I used it. Here's what he has to say about it:

I was randomly searching the net earlier this afternoon when I stumbled accross the currently most popular genre in my former homeland of Tanzania, a hip-hop variant called \"Bongo Flava\". Now, frankly most of what I've found is pretty crap, very bad mid-nineties- style jazzy rap in Swahili basically, but one song that was available as a free MP3 download was actually reasonably decent.

Direct Link (~5 Mb):

Link to page: (It's the topmost link)

Very nice summery vibe, not at all how I like my Hip Hop really, much more laid back, but really cool. Also strikes a reasonable balance between the African and the American, without losing out to either. The chorus is a bit too cliche, but I love the solo and the verses are nice, with good, subtle production.

So there you go. Thanks Scabby! Anyone else with suggestions please PM them to me.

Audioslave album out!
Music: Posted: 19/11/02 16:24 Author: Funkodrom Comments: 15 Comments

Today if you are in the US, yesterday if you are in the UK. No idea when if you live somewhere else.

Love has torn NME Apart
Music: Posted: 14/11/02 17:57 Author: Scabrous Birdseed Comments: 26 Comments

Welcome to the death of a once great institution. If you notice to my right is yet another cover featuring The Strokes, behold it's Q-like insipidness. If you'll just pass through here please... Right, here's this week's featured article. It's the writers' \"top 100 singles of all time\". Wow. And it's absolute fucking monkey excrement, written by a bunch of historyless, slackjawed indie fuckers. The number one song alone on the last such list they made in 1987 is worth more than the combined total of the entire top ten here. Awesome, isn't it?

No, please, ma'am, you can't throw up in here. Use the toilet located behind the death of the music press memorial statue.

Free MP3 of the week #8 - Hardcore Grandmas
Music: Posted: 11/11/02 17:05 Author: Funkodrom Comments: 1 Comment

To celebrate the launch of the GTA Vice City here's MC Hawking's experiences playing GTA3. Download here.

Ghetto Revolution
Music: Posted: 22/10/02 14:06 Author: Scabrous Birdseed Comments: 7 Comments

Is it finally time for Dancehall, aka. The Second Most Dynamic Genre in the World™, to break through into the US market in a big way? At #13 (and climbing) on this week's Billboard Hot 100 lies what as far as I know is the first hardcore, non-westernised Dancehall song to ever climb up the US charts, Sean Paul's excellent "Gimme The Light". Will this (and the inclusion of Bounty Killer and Lady Saw on recent No Doubt hits) open up for a flooding of the american market by real, JA-popular Dancehall artists (rather than second-rate softened-up mushy peas along the lines of Shaggy, Diana Kind and with his latest effort also unfortunately Beenie Man)? Could people like Sizzla and Capleton, with their rootsier messages, and increasingly forward-looking sounds, break through? Go US Record buyers!

Free MP3... er Ogg of the week #6
Music: Posted: 21/10/02 10:11 Author: Funkodrom Comments: 7 Comments

This one's been sent in by Sean, OK so it's not exactly an mp3 but it works on my winamp so I'm allowing it.

Free MP3 of the Week #4
Music: Posted: 14/10/02 08:05 Author: Scabrous Birdseed Comments: 5 Comments

Guest Spot!

One of the coolest cult sites ever to be created by a Big Evil Corporation, IT Anthems is a collection of the most cringeworthy, awful pieces of music ever concieved by the brains of the afflicted in Dot-com marketing departments. Ranging from stirring gospel about how all their employees are family members (Honeywell) to a soulful woman dreaming about a dual-processor system (SGI), everything on this page is guaranteed to absolutely bloody awful and most of it is quite funny too. In an embarassing, "The Office" kind of way.

I've picked the one I imagine will reflect the sentiment shared by most people: "Infogrames Rocks My World".

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