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> Does It Offend You, Yeah? Molotow, Hamburg - Live Review
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Does It Offend You, Yeah? Molotow, Hamburg - Live Review
Vincent braves the depths of the red light district to discover what exactly DIOYY are all about.
posted 17/1/08
Down III - Over the Under review by Caligastia
Caligastia gets to grips with the latest from the metal supergroup
posted 25/10/07
Spider Vomit - Widows Walk
Melbourne's Spider Vomit throw up debut EP. novacane cleans up.
posted 18/10/07
Hey Venus! by Super Furry Animals Review
Will the welsh wizards 8th offering live up to their fans expecations? novacane finds out
posted 12/10/07
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Strawberry Jam – Animal Collective review by novacane
novacane gets stuck into the fruity new album from the experimental Animal Collective
posted 12/10/07
25 Top Streaming Radio Music Stations To Expand Your Mind
Scabrous Birdseed sifts through thousands of streams to bring you nuggets of gold
posted 11/8/07
Throbbing Gristle- "Part 2- The Endless Not"
The unexpected reappearance of an industrial stalwart, as reviewed by Laz
posted 14/4/07
LWP 9 - Songs of Innocence and Experience Part 4
Finally! The last part of the most recent LWP series
posted 15/6/06
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The first part of the LWP 9 experience CD
posted 23/5/06
LW9 - Songs of Innocence, part 2
Rouding out the bonus tracks from the first CD
posted 27/4/06
LWP 9 - Songs of Innocence and Experience
Part 9 of the long running Listen Without Predjudice Series
posted 18/4/06
"Livin' fear of James Last"- Nurse With Wound variety pack
Debut major-label release for the industrial veteran
posted 9/1/06
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Something For Everyone At Reading And Leeds
Music: Posted: 7/4/03 22:38 Author: *End Is Forever* Comments: 19 Comments

Metal? Metallica, check. Nu-metal? Linkin Park, System of a Down, check. Immature pop-punk? Blink-182, Sum-41, check. Something for NME to pleasure themselves over? White Stripes, Polyphonic Spree, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, check. Something new for the kids? Good Charlotte, check. "Who chose them to headline?" band? Blur, check. Ode to nostalgia? Courtney Love, check. Now I just need to wait for the Concrete Jungle stage...

In the meantime check out the website or read the BBC news article.

Sucks To Be Canada
Music: Posted: 7/4/03 12:00 Author: *End Is Forever* Comments: 18 Comments

Okay, so they're barely newsworthy, but the Juno Awards (which appear to be the Canadian equivalent of the Brits) deserve a mention for pure amusement value only. I mean, best songwriter Chad Kroeger? Well at least Celine Dion didn't win anything...

Laugh at the list of winners here.

RIAA Targets Students
Music: Posted: 5/4/03 16:10 Author: *End Is Forever* Comments: 4 Comments

Continuing a great tradition of filing lawsuits against those who can't afford to pay out anyway, the RIAA has launched action against four US students who are alleged to have exploited their campus networks for file-sharing. Rumour has it that the BPI are likely to pull a similar trick in Britain; strongly-worded letters have already gone out to University Vice-Chancellors.

Free MP3 of the week - niceness
Music: Posted: 20/2/03 16:16 Author: Funkodrom Comments: 3 Comments

After the extreme music of last time, here's something really pleasant.

It's called Niceness and it's by Caribbean steel drum outfit Bakra Bata

R.I.P. Sister Ignatius
Music: Posted: 19/2/03 15:04 Author: Scabrous Birdseed Comments: 19 Comments

One of the truly vital forces in Jamaican musical history, fosterer of a generation of stars, and more crucially, their backing bands.

Glastonbury is On, I'm Off
Music: Posted: 18/2/03 17:09 Author: Scabrous Birdseed Comments: 9 Comments

Possibly. Bloody reinstatement of licence, I can't decide which festival to go to now.

New Roskilde Festival Website
Music: Posted: 13/2/03 18:10 Author: Scabrous Birdseed Comments: 16 Comments

It's really cool, much better than the old one. A few new acts (QUOTSA, Coldplay (bleurgh)) have also been announced.

(the link to change languages is a bit tricky to find, it's on the think top bar.)

Free MP3 of the week, Swedish music
Music: Posted: 13/2/03 13:08 Author: Funkodrom Comments: Add A Comment!

So... whilst exploring the noise charts on I came across this excellent little ditty. It's by Swedish Black Industrial... er... psycos Mz. 412 and it's called Traynor. They say:

"By pushing the influences from satanic rites and black metal music to the limit, it resulted in "Burning the temple of god", the ultimate crossover between dark ambience and the metal genre. This is True Swedish Black Industrial, and these guys arenīt kidding; this is music to either conjure or exorcise your demons to..."

I say, it sounds like a lot of really loose bowelled farting for three and a half minutes. Another example of 'extreme' music actually being quite tame.

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