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Sins of a Solar Empire
Funko conquers the galaxy with the latest space based RTS
posted 21/4/08
Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare
Lazarus and the Gimp takes on the modern world in this first person shooter
posted 21/4/08
Forza Motorsport 2 Review
King_Ghidra gets to grips with the X-Box 360's answer to Gran Turismo
posted 9/1/08
Gears of War Review
Next Generation gaming is here! Is it better than than the old days? Venom reviews Gears of War to find out.
posted 16/11/06
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Galactic Civilizations 2: Dread Lords
Is this the best space-sim TBS ever? Chris Stavros (yes him again!) ventures forth to find out
posted 12/3/06
Civilization IV
Chris Stavros pillages his way through Sid Meier's latest magnus opus.
posted 25/11/05
Dangerous Waters Review
Review of Sonalyst's Dangerous Waters
posted 25/2/05
D-Day Preview
Beta1 cowers while the rest of his unit storm Omaha Beach...
posted 27/7/04
Chaos League
King_Ghidra tackles Chaos League, does it score a touchdown?
posted 12/7/04
Spellforce: The Order of Dawn
Qaj takes us on a Spell-de-force for this RPG/RTS
posted 24/4/04
Combat Mission: Afrika Korps
Beta1 heads into the desert in the latest Combat Mission game
posted 14/1/04
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Review
King_Ghidra takes time out from his own fantasy world to enter someone else's for a while.
posted 5/11/03
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Free Game of the Week - Dolphin Olympics
Games: Posted: 7/11/06 10:04 Author: Scabrous Birdseed Comments: 19 Comments

You'll be seeing more of these now that I've got a new computer. This one is great, one of my favourites ever I think. Using only the arrow keys you try to do as many tricks as you can with your dolphin within a two-minute limit, stringing them into huge combos. Okay, so it's basically cetacean Tony Hawks', but the skill level is perfect (easy to learn, real tricky to master) and it's hellishly addictive.

There's a Youtube video somewhere of a guy getting 11 million points if you need something to shoot for...

Free Game of the Week - Double Wires
Games: Posted: 4/11/06 17:26 Author: Scabrous Birdseed Comments: 7 Comments

It's simple, it's a bit serene, it's gorgeous, it's got ragdoll physics. What more could you want? (A ramped-up difficulty level, I guess, but it's still strangely compelling.

Free Game of the Week - Moonstar 2
Games: Posted: 15/10/06 14:05 Author: Scabrous Birdseed Comments: Add A Comment!

Always appreciated novel game mechanics - Give me a million simple new game ideas over a fancy shockwave 3d racing crapfest any day. This is kinda Columns meets Snake, and very tricky.

Free Game of the Week - Cave Story
Games: Posted: 20/7/06 14:46 Author: Scabrous Birdseed Comments: 3 Comments

I used to do freeware for this feature on a regular basis, but it always got less response than web games so I mostly stopped. Here's one, though, suggested via e-mail by Sir Wade. It's a good japanese platformer with a large, well-developed japanese world and only a slight lack of japanese control polish keeping from appearing professional (and japanese). But then, it is freeware.

Free Game of the Week - Chaos Theory
Games: Posted: 5/6/06 14:57 Author: Scabrous Birdseed Comments: 5 Comments

Remember Slippery Sledding?

No. You don't. I was totally addicted to it and no-one else could see its greatness. I have a feeling this will have a similar fate, because the basic game mechanic is, well, stupid. Bombs are thrown in the air and with a single click you try to set off as many as you can in a chain reaction. I realise it's mostly luck-based but I keep having just another try...

Free Game of the Week - The ESP Game
Games: Posted: 29/5/06 07:51 Author: Scabrous Birdseed Comments: 5 Comments

I don't usually post multiplayer online games on here, mainly because I've yet to find any that don't either suck or require a significant time commitment. Well, this one is a "two minutes of concentration" type timewaster, requires only the merest of registration, and most importantly is incredibly addictive while being difficult enough not to be a pushover. I just "won" it for the second time five minutes ago.

Free Game of the Week - Magnetism
Games: Posted: 23/5/06 09:51 Author: Scabrous Birdseed Comments: 7 Comments

Fairly interesting beast this one. You get the sense that he should have focussed on one game mechanism instead of two and maybe thirty great levels instead of a hundred okay ones, but the basic concept is sufficiently original for it to be the best game I've played in the past two weeks or so.

Free Game of the Week - Avoider
Games: Posted: 11/5/06 09:15 Author: Scabrous Birdseed Comments: 3 Comments

Second one in a row, I might start doing this again now.

Avoid the little orange man and the objects he throws at you, but don't leave the blue area or you'll lose all your points!

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